I am so elated to relaunch my website! I hope you like what I share with you here  and I hope you will order the clinical aesthetic skin care brands I will be selling here on my website.

I have such a strong passion for treating  my clients with the most recent technology in aesthetic skin care and aesthetic facial services. I can also talk your ear off about skin care products that you won’t be able to stop me. 😉 Don’t worry, I promise I will be quiet in the facial room so you can experience the most relaxing clinical facial. Also, if you aren’t in Los Angeles and you have any questions here, please feel free to ask me.

This is an interactive site, so please share with me your favorite skin care brands as well. Some of the best tips I have learned were from my mother, grandmother, and my girlfriends of course.  The ordering portal where you can shop my favorite brands I personally recommend to my own clients will be available shortly. Everyone will receive free shipping and 10% off on all of your first orders. I will have exciting  promotions as well. Happy Shopping.